Case Studies

Streamlining an Electrical and Instrumentation Project
Sometimes there are large projects that, because of size or equipment expertise, end up being performed by multiple vendors. Sometimes they work independently of each other, but more often than not, they use their tried and true ways of documentation. This can lead to duplicity of utility connection requirements, or lack of the same.


CEG just completed the performance of services for just that situation for a regional steel manufacturer. The CEG engineering staff took the electrical and instrumentation drawings of six vendors, and combined them into (2) distinctive area spreadsheets, and (2) sets of interconnection drawings that allowed local electric contractors to bid the installation of electrical and instrumentation work.


These services required an on-site (6) week commitment of (2) employees. The first phase of the project corrected a (40)-page spreadsheet, and involved the review of over 500 drawings. The second phase of work involved the generation of a new (20)-page spreadsheet document, and the review of over 800 pertinent drawings. The final biddable project will include (60)-page spreadsheet with (2) parts, and a drawings package of (20) documents, consisting of (2) area-precise documents.


This work was coordinated with all the other disciplines of engineering such as structural, mechanical, and civil, so as to prevent typical interdisciplinary “gotchas” as construction ensues.
Lab Project
CEG recently completed a job at a local plant that replaced an environmental control unit for an internal lab. This lab had never had an HVAC system that worked properly. There had been multiple attempts to achieve the desired results of temperature and humidity. While there were concerns about water qualities, the system is currently operational and performing as expected. This job was performed as a design build project, where CEG purchased everything on behalf of the client. Preliminary design, final design, project costing, construction and construction management were engineering services provided.
Heating and Ventilation Unit
CEG recently completed a job at a local plant that replaced (4) large heating and ventilating units that were installed in 1989. The replacement units had to be placed on elevated platforms 30’ AFF. These replacement units were quite heavy and large.   Whereas the original units were installed as complete units, the replacement units had to be replaced in modules that could be lifted and placed. The spaces where the modules were placed were different, and each presented unique concerns, and required unique solutions. In the interest of cost savings, (2) units retained their heating modules, whereas the other (2) units were complete replacements. The controls for all units were significant concerns that required much coordination and effort to resolve. These units were installed under budget and commissioned successfully. Preliminary engineering, capital cost preparation, bid preparation and bidding, final engineering, project and construction management were services provided.
Gas Line Expansion
CEG recently completed a project that extended an existing underground natural gas main to plant drying equipment, and to plant buildings. This project required evaluation of the existing system, and design of an extension of the current system using similar pipe materials. This project also required new controls and connections to existing buildings for comfort conditioning. No construction management services were requested, only final design engineering service.
CEG has completed the latest of several FOG (Fats, Oil, Grease) systems for several restaurants in the North Alabama area. These plumbing designs are in response to new plumbing requirements mandated by local utilities and local building authorities. Typically these designs have included the specification of FOG systems complete with air control devices. These systems are engineered systems are hydro-pneumatic systems that are designed and used in lieu of large gravity systems. Final designs and approval retention services were provided.
Building Replacement
CEG recently completed a complete design of replacement building for a poultry producing company in another state. This building had to be installed while area remained operational. Therefore, the demolition and the construction had to be phased. Most construction had to be done on long weekends and holidays. In addition to the structural aspects of this project, the entire electrical system and mechanical systems had to be replaced. This project required land surveying because drawings were non-existent, and the client wanted to maintain current truck egress pathways. This existing building was free standing and consists of (4) separate structures. The replacement structure is one “clear span” structure. Preliminary and final engineering services were provided to this client, along with bidding services.